Watch Me Draw: Santos Grocery in Brooklyn

Spotted this colourful yellow storefront in Brooklyn - I loved how the bright yellow sign stood out from the rest of the building and new I wanted to draw it right away. I also wanted to try something new with my sketchbook! I’m so into that thing where artists will fill ENTIRE PAGES of their sketchbooks, rather than respect the borders, so I decided to give that a go. Check it out:

A weekend in New York

Went to New York for a few days and I friggin LOVED it. Did you know that New York is VERY big and VERY good and that I want to move there immediately???

I also did a tiny bit of sketching, both there in NYC but also here back home at my desk. I find it really hard to sketch in public — I get embarrassed so easily and feel very self-conscious drawing in public, as if the girl from grade 5 who was mean to me is lurking in the bushes just WAITING for me to take out my sketchbook so she can jump out and say “what is THAT! u think ur an ~artist~?” but it turns out she’s not and you really can just take out your sketchbook and draw and no one friggin cares. So that was nice.

I’ll be posting some more post-NYC sketches soon, but for now, here are some I’ve done so far:

December Vlog // new merch, commissions, and orders, oh my!

Take a peek at what a bit of early December looked like for me, including a speedpaint of one of my new east end illustrations (The Witch’s House!), unwrapping some new merchandise that came in (two postcards and notebooks - my favourite thing to order!) as well as some commission work and order packing. It’s such a bonkers time of year for me, but I really love the busy-ness and the rush of it.